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Although truth may often be stranger than fiction, truth is always far more powerful than lies. Truth is real, lies are not real. BioPsyOps Biological Psychological Operations Bio PsyOps Psy Ops Truth PsyWar Psy War Holy War Radical Islam Rare Alternative Reality Reaities CBW NBC world view warfare bio war biowar germ warfare information warfare operation paperclip monarch mk naomi search mkultra mknaiomi mknaomi mksearch bluebird paranoia mental illness gulf war illness gulf war syndrome project daylily conspiracy theories psychological manipulation hegelian dielectic building consensus facilitation facilitator machiavelli machiavellian malthus malthusian maslow marketing humanism humanist ethics new world order novus ordo seclorum communist propaganda american propaganda new left neocon neoconservative pnac new american century identity movement arian identity feminist rebellion sin witchcraft satanism wicca hidden dangers rainbow

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